Beep Loving Arrows Bicycle Bell

We need more love in the world.  The Beep Loving Arrows Bike Bell is for your sweetheart, valentine or the romantic at heart.  Cupids, the Beep Loving Arrows Bell is ready for many romantic rides.

The Beep PATTERN Collection is for those who love clean, bright and bold patterns. You can choose from a range of hand-painted patterns and bell colours to match your unique personality and your beloved bike.


- A great size, optimal for bicycle and scooters.

- Designed, hand-painted and shipped out of our studio in Newcastle, Australia with love and care.

- Hand painted with non-toxic paints, durable and weatherproof.


This 58 mm diameter bell offers a longer and raised bottom clasp ensuring an unfettered and cheerful ring coupled with longer chrome-plated screws to accommodate all round handlebar diameters.

As this Beep Bicycle Bell is hand-painted it may vary slightly from the bell in the photo ensuring each Beep hand-painted bell is truly unique.

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