Beep Konnichiwa (Hello) Bicycle Bell

Follow the Beep journey as we cycle around the world, first stop JAPAN! Want to say hello the Japanese way? Konnichiwa!

Hand-painted in our Newcastle studio this friendly Konnichiwa Bike Bell features white lettering on a red bell base.  A pretty bell to keep you company as you imagine riding around the bustling streets of Tokyo. The Beep Konnichiwa Bike Bell is a fun and friendly way to greet those you meet along the way.

The Beep Konnichiwa Bicycle Bell is the perfect way to personalise your ride and makes a unique gift for anyone active, stylish and fun!

Tried & True. Stylish & Fun


  • A premium steel bell with easy to push lever to make that classic, friendly sound. Ring it LOUD!
  • 58mm diameter bell, the optimal size for bicycles and scooters. 
  • Long chrome-plated screws to accomodate all round handlebar diameters.
  • Hand-painted by professional artists with non-toxic paints in our Newcastle studio
  • Super simple installation
  • Each Beep Bicycle Bell is assembled, tested and sent to you with love and care.
  • Each Beep Bicycle Bell is hand-painted and may vary slightly from the bell in the photo,  this ensures each Beep hand-painted bell is truly unique!

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