Beep Hoot Owl Bicycle Bell

Meet our night time friend, Beep Hoot Owl Bike Bell, to keep you company with his lovingly watchful eyes while you ride. 

This Beep bike bell features a wide eyed colourful owl on a peppermint bell base.

Have a HOOT of a time and let your friends know you've arrived with the Beep Hoot Owl Bicycle Bell.

 Tried & True. Stylish & Fun


  • A premium steel bell with easy to push lever to make that classic, friendly sound. Ring it LOUD!
  • 58mm diameter bell, the optimal size for bicycles and scooters.
  • Long chrome-plated screws to accomodate all round handlebar diameters.
  • Hand-painted by professional artists with non-toxic paints in our Newcastle studio
  • Super simple installation
  • Each Beep Bicycle Bell is assembled, tested and sent to you with love and care
  • Each Beep Bicycle Bell is hand-painted and may vary slightly from the bell in the photo,  this ensures each Beep hand-painted bell is truly unique!

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